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This project aims to trigger the reforestation of Cystoseira within the Cinque Terre and Miramare marine protected areas, where this taxon was present, as proven by museum and scientific literature records. Disappearance causes have been removed and the protection is guaranteed by the marine protected areas. The project involves the transplanting of Cystoseira cultured juveniles, with advantages in terms of time, costs and ecological impact.


Cystoseira plays a key role in marine conservation supporting biodiversity, food webs, and
sequestrating large amount of CO2. In the last decades Cystoseira was reduced in Mediterranean due to anthropogenic pressure. Cystoseira is under surveillance as vulnerable: the lack of adults producing recruits and limited dispersal capabilities of Cystoseira hamper natural recolonisation.

The consortium

The Consortium is  composed by experts in conservation, study and research, communication and dissemination, information technology and digital communication.

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Today ROCPopLife during the PADI forum at Miramare Marine Protected Area. Responsible diving, citizen science and support for restoration actions. An opportunity to talk about useful projects to safeguard and manage MPAs like ROC-POPLife, SeaSentinel, MPA-Adapt, school of love, etc. Oggi ROCPopLife durante il forum PADI presso Area Marina Protetta Miramare. Subacquea responsabile, citizen science […]


ROCPOPLife su VitaNuova

Si continua a parlare di restoration e foreste marine sul paginone di Vita Nuova

Laboratori alga-cadabra


Andiamo alla scoperta del magico mondo delle alghe. Le alghe sono i vegetali del mare, producono ossigeno…ma non sono piante! Però sono in grado di formare delle foreste marine, importantissime per la biodiversità. Venite a toccarle con mano e a scoprire quanto sono preziose! due le date per il laboratorio ROCPOP: 3 giugno alle 15h […]

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