2019 ROC-POPLife Activities Summer

A great summer for ROC-POPLife activities

On 2nd and 16th July two didactic workshops were held for children at the “Lago Figoi” summer center in the Genoese hinterland. In all, around 90 children were involved.

On 22th of July the same activity was held with the children of “Associazione Didattica Museale” summer center, at the Museum of Natural History of Genoa with the involvement of 12 Children,

Summer camp activities in Portofino AMP.

Activities continued with the children of the summer camps in Miramare AMP with weekly workshops dedicated to ROC-POPLife.

On 16 August, a scientific aperitif was organized in the REEFugio, the new equipped space of the WAP; the aperiREEF, attended by more than 50 people, was an opportunity to expose the materi-als of ROC-POPLife but also to tell the progress of the project.

News of Aperireef (in Miramare AMP) were spread by newsletters, local newspapers but also through a television interview with TELE4, the local TV network.

Project’s activities were presented and discussed in Cinque Terre during a meeting with Lohmarer Institut für Weiterbildung (September 12th).

As far as the website is concerned, it has almost 35,000 visits, the facebook page has 700 follow-ers and in the posts of August and September it has reached about 5000 people.