2019 ROC-POPLife Activities Spring-Summer

10th April: Presentation of the MPA and its projects (including ROC-POPLife) at “Nicoloso da Recco” Highschool in front of about 100 students.

In the framework of the exhibition “Broken Nature” that is taking place in the Trien- nale di Milano, a ROCPOP-Life performance will be exhibited in July. Some of the clay discs, with juveniles of Cystoseira amentacea, will be exposed during a couple of weeks in the reserved space by the Atelier Luma’s project, as agreed with Atelier Luma and UNIGE in the meeting hold in the Triennale di Milano on 11th April.

4 – 5 of April a two days talking about restoration with 70 students of the international master IMBRSea organized by Università Politecnica delle Marche

In April 13 an event with Scuba divers was hosted at Miramare BIOMA: it was the annual PADI FORUM. 30 divers met together to discuss about conservation, safe diving,