Bluspritz with ROC-POPLife

“Restoration at Miramare”DIRECT WEBINAR SPECIAL, 6.30 p.m.
Bluspritz the series of live on the sea, awaits you with a special appointment: a live webinar organized by friends of the diving club Area 51 Diving School Trieste.
Speaking about endangered species in the Gulf of #Trieste and about seabed restoration projects that are affecting the Marine Protected Area of Miramare, and not only, will be our researcher Saul Ciriaco, who for WWFAMP Miramare carries out underwater monitoring, scientific dissemination and environmental management activities.

Together with Saul also the PADI coordinator Massimo Zarafa to talk about the importance of citizen science at sea.

Tonight, therefore, we are talking about marine forests in Cystoseira: ROCPopLife funded by the LIFE programme.

The meeting is open to all, divers and non divers