D.2 Assessment of culturing protocols


This activity refers to the assessment of the culturing protocol for the 3 Cystoseira species starting from the collection in the donor sites.
The culturing process comprises four main steps:
1) spore release
2) germlings of zygotes
3) embryos settlement
4) embryos growth to suitable size to be introduced in the natural environment.
As far as the first and second steps, the gametes production and the fertilization success (number of zygotes) are the best indicators of success: the more gametes and the higher the percentage of fertilised eggs will be key factors for the successful implementation of culturing practices.
As far as the third and forth steps, the best indicators will be the percentage of attached embryos produced per receptacle biomass and of juveniles reaching the size suitable for introduction in the natural environment.
In addition, the total time from reproduction to translocation will be also a good estimator of culturing practice.
The action will focus on assessing and implementing the most convenient cultivation conditions (light, temperature, terrain, etc.) that will speed and optimize algal growth.
The action will collect data from monitoring in the incubation chambers set in Camogli and Trieste, will perform statistical analyses and will compare results from the different species with best practices and with results achieved in previous experiences with other species. The analyses will address both the overall performance compared to known references and the variation of the performance in the four phases planned to assess and confirm the improvement due to the application of lessons learnt.
The action will be carried out in the premises of UNIGE, UNITS and in the laboratories of Camogli and Trieste.
The action will be performed during the whole reproduction activity (Action C2).
This action is necessary to measure the project success in terms of ensuring recruits supply by an induced reproduction in controlled conditions of the species.
The expected outcomes refer to:
- consolidation in the values of survival in the early stages that comprise the reproductive cycle (Action C.2 and C.3);
- increase the total number of individuals in the target MPAs in which the reintroduction was performed.

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