C.3 Implantation of recruits in the repopulation areas

Description Implantation of new recruits from the Trieste and Camogli reproduction laboratories to Cinque Terre and Miramare MPAs. The action will adopt the techniques improved in the Action A1. All the foreseen activities will be implemented in time without any delays due to permission procedures. Strunjan will involve an external scientist to develop an optimal […]

C.2 Reproduction of specimens for active restocking

Description The reproduction of the target Cystoseira species in the mesocosms will produce new recruits to reintroduce into the natural environments of Cinque Terre and Miramare MPAs. This action will take place in the laboratories located in Trieste (UNITS) and Camogli (UNIGE). The action is planned to produce new recruits to be introduced in the […]

C.1 Collection of specimens and transfer to reproduction laboratories

Description Only terminal portions of fertile apical branches of thalli in reproduction will be collected in the donor areas (Portofino and Strunjan MPAs). The samples with appropriate containers and refrigerants will be immediately transported to the formerly arranged incubation chambers for the controlled reproductions. The incubation chambers are located near the donor/target sites to reduce […]

A.1 Re-population protocol definition

Description The preliminary protocol has been studied through earlier feasibility studies and during the project conceiving phase. It has been tailored to identify all the project actions. During the A1 Action, the protocol will be further improved and developed in order to direct all the following activities of the proposal. The protocol will identify the […]