A.1 Re-population protocol definition


The preliminary protocol has been studied through earlier feasibility studies and during the project conceiving phase. It has been tailored to identify all the project actions. During the A1 Action, the protocol will be further improved and developed in order to direct all the following activities of the proposal.
The protocol will identify the practical application in the ROC-POP-LIFE project of the guidelines provided by the Italian Authorities (Italian Minister of Environment, Quaderni di Conservazione della Natura n. 27 - Linee guida per l'immissione di specie) and by IUCN SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group (Guidelines for Reintroductions and Other Conservation Translocations).
The A1 Action will define in greater detail all the procedures to implement to achieve the Cystoseira reforestation in the target MPAs and the criteria for evaluating the results and success of the proposal Actions. The protocol will be defined by the scientific partners, with the support of the stakeholder network.
This action starts from collecting background information on biological and ecological aspects on the target Cystoseira species (C. amantacea var. stricta, C. barbata and C. crinita): i.e. description of the biology (with particular reference to the reproduction, population structure, growth and development) and ecology (i.e. review on the biotic and abiotic factors affecting the ecology of the species, interspecific interactions, dispersion capabilities).
Starting from this background, the scientific partners will define the protocol starting from their past experiences and feasibility studies and by collecting input from similar experiences in the EU and worldwide.

Action details




6 months