F.2 Quality Assurance and Risk Management


F2.1 - Project Monitoring
Another fundamental aspect of the management is the monitoring of the project quality and expenses, thanks to which it will be possible to assure the respect of the project timing, budget and technical conditions, as well as a constant financial flow to perform activities. Furthermore, the project monitoring will integrate a risk management plan periodically, so guaranteeing that possible delays are dealt without getting worse.
SOFTECO will set up a monitoring system and a Quality Management Plan by the 6th month, taking into consideration both the technical and financial aspects of the project. In particular, SOFTECO will review project deliverables throughout the project lifecycle, supported by the Project Manager, whose responsible for administrative and financial aspects of the project.
The following aspects will be explored by the monitoring system:
- Relation between objectives, performed activities and obtained results (compared with the foreseen ones)
- Comparison between the project Gantt and the real development of the activities (respect of milestones)
- Deliverables realisation and quality
- Timing
- Comparison between budget and expenses
- Evaluation of the financial flow in relation to the performed activities
- Impact on stakeholders/media
- Efficiency of the management
To monitor the project expenses, a financial report is foreseen every 6 months. This report will be used by the Coordinator and the PCC to study administrative and financial problems and solutions, and take decisions.
This action is entitled to risk management and assessment as well: in particular, SOFTECO will provide a preliminary risk analysis, a risk monitoring table at the project start and a periodic risk monitoring will be executed during the implementation and reported and discussed during the project meetings, so that the monitoring table could be updated accordingly. Each risk identified will be described with the likelihood of occurrence and the impact on project progress. Mitigation measures and contingency plan will be produced as well. In the case of occurrence, the plan will be implemented under the responsibility of the Project Coordinator.
A project repository, accessible as a private section of the project website, will be established to store all project assets. It will contain three sections:
- official versions of all project contractual documents, released deliverables and progress reports;
- official communications material and reports of dissemination actions carried out;
- working documents shared among partners during the production of project deliverables.
The action will last for the whole duration of the project.
Expected results:
Monitoring system and tools established
Preliminary risk analysis realised
Effective and regular monitoring of the project
Regular and effective cost monitoring every 6 months
Progress indicators:
6-month reports realisation
The University of Trieste has broad experience in EU project.The staff is qualified and all the necessary tools, templates and procedures have been already set up. We confirm that the foreseen effort is adequate to effectively and successfully manage the project.

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36 months


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