D.4 Monitoring indicator measurement and assessment

Description This action monitors and measures the performance indicators included in the “LIFE Project Specific Indicator” list provided in the attachment. Monitoring and measuring will be carried out by analysing all available data about controlled reproduction, introduced juveniles survival and growth, self-recruitment and ecological status of the stretches of coast interested by the translocation. These […]

D.3 Assessment of the socio-economic impact

Description Alongside the restoration objectives, the project aims to increase awareness of citizens on environment protection/habitat restoration. This purpose is most important for engaging citizens and public opinion to achieve educational results. The greater the ability to inform about actions applied in the project, the greater the educational impact reached. The challenge is to turn […]

D.2 Assessment of culturing protocols

Description This activity refers to the assessment of the culturing protocol for the 3 Cystoseira species starting from the collection in the donor sites. The culturing process comprises four main steps: 1) spore release 2) germlings of zygotes 3) embryos settlement 4) embryos growth to suitable size to be introduced in the natural environment. As […]

D.1 Ecosystem function restoration assessment in the different MPAs

Description This action is necessary (and mandatory) to assess project effectiveness and will examine data derived from monitoring, to evaluate the achievement of the environmental restoration objectives in the target MPAs. The receiving sites of the project are Cinque Terre and Miramare MPAs and in part the donor site Strunjan MPA. In particular, this action […]