E.1 Communication and dissemination to stakeholders and large public


The objectives are to:
- increase the awareness of the general public about the environmental problem addressed by the project
- disseminate the project and its results to stakeholders
Dissemination and communication planning
Includes the elaboration of a detailed communication and dissemination “master-plan” describing target audience, actions and expected results. The plan will comply with recommendations included in the EC communication COM(2010) 352. The plan will be used also for monitoring/assessing the activity.
Transversal communication tools and actions will be used during the whole duration of the project:
- 15 Notice boards will be produced to be located where the project is implemented.
- Website: within the third month, will be published. It will provide the primary entry point to the ROC-POP-LIFE project and will be updated regularly at least quarterly.
- Logo and project identity: it will be produced within the third month and it will be used to identify all the produced materials and all the communications releases
- Layman’s’ report: at the end of the project a Layman’s report will be produced in electronic and paper format.
- Press releases and media communication: traditional and social media will be. Periodical press releases will be produced at least yearly. Periodic news will be published on the social media channels of WWF MPA Miramare and all the other partners. Consolidating all the mail addresses available to the partners a project mailing list will be set up in order to send out regular quarterly newsletters. A press/audiovisual review containing all articles, news, radio and TV emissions devoted to the project will be maintained in the website.
- Video: within the first 15 months of the project a short animation video (3 minutes) will be produced to raise awareness about Cystoseira, its conservation status and its biological and ecological characteristics.
- Final video through “Time Lapse” technique will be released at the end of the project.
- Eco-friendly gadgets will be produced and distributed during events and activities.

Action details




36 months


In progress