E.2 Replication promotion


This action aims at spreading to the scientific community, to MPA managers all over the Mediterranean basin and to other stakeholders the results obtained and best practises, in order to promote the technical solutions with validated approaches replicable also in other areas.
The action will comprise sub-actions:
E2.1 Networking with other projects
During the implementation of the project an informal network of other projects working on the proposed topic will be set up. The selection of the proposed consortia will be done in a complementary manner so that each one will be bringing specific skills of the highest quality, which can further promote the progress of the present consortium and the project itself. In addition to other running Life projects, the consortia that will possibly be contacted are related to the following projects: http://www.ramoge.org/it/Biodiversite/login.aspx?back=%2fit%2fBiodiversite%2f
E2.2 Networking with other MPAs and authorities, seminars and workshops
This sub action aims at establishing a network with other MPAs and sites where the project can be replicated. At this end the participation of MIRAMARE (founding member), PORTOFINO and STRUNJAN in the MedPAN will provide a strong support to increase the impact of project result at European and Mediterranean Basin level and strong support to replication of project action in other MPAs all over the Mediterranean.
In cooperation with MedPAN and ADRIAPAN the network of MPAs potentially interested to replicate the project action will be established involving both EU and other Mediterranean countries.
E2.3 Scientific publications and presentations
The project and its results will be disseminated also during conferences, congresses and fairs at national and international level such as, SIBM (Italian Society of Marine Biology), SItE (Italian Ecological Society), EAS (European Aquaculture Society), EMBS (European Marin Biology Symposium), European Phyocolgical Society, etc.
Dissemination will include the communication of techniques and results to promote replication in other sites.
E2.4. Repopulation guidelines for supporting replication in other areas
ROC-POP-LIFE is a demonstrative project and will put into practice, test, evaluate and disseminate new methodologies for the restoration of Cystoseira and new approaches for the engagement of the stakeholders.
The objective of this sub-action is the dissemination of guidelines, best practices and advices for the replication of the reintroduction of species similar to Cystoseira in other Marine Protected Areas.

Action details




22 months


In progress